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Passive real estate investing in commercial multifamily units such as apartments is a secret path to wealth more people are discovering every day. While many Americans understand you can build wealth by investing in well-performing stocks, bonds, and single-family homes, not many know that early retirement is possible with multifamily investment returns.

Hi, I’m James Kandasamy, the best-selling author of “Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate: Insider Secrets To Achieving Financial Independence”.

I wasn’t always a millionaire. It took years of learning in order to enjoy the financial rewards of earning passive income by pooling together funds with other investors, finding the right deals, and learning how to maximize returns. My multifamily investment company (Achieve Investment Group) currently owns roughly 4,000 units with over $500 million dollars in assets.

Passive investing in multifamily real estate
is best for investors with:

A long-term outlook

The desire to diversify wealth beyond stocks and bonds

Low risk without having to manage the deal or properties

Ambition to take advantage of little-known tax benefits

Course Syllabus

With Achieve Academy’s Passive Investing education program, you will receive training from a top expert in the space on how you can use commercial real estate participation deals to create a reliable passive income stream to live the life you’re meant to live – right now. With Achieve Academy, I teach you:

Introduction to
Passive Investing

The Process

How and Where to Get Started

How to Analyze a Deal

Considering Deals

Capital Source

Deal Sponsors

Becoming Super Passive Investor


James Kandasamy

Principal – Director of Acquisition, and Investor Relations

Shanti James

Principal – Director of Property and Construction Management

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