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How We Created 6 Passive Investor Millionaires In 2022?

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Passive Income Millionaire Is Not A MYTH! Although not crashing like stocks or crypto, Commercial real estate is definitely slowing down and decreasing in value. It’s important to invest alongside an experienced operator, that has “Skin In The Game”. Here’s How We Countered The Market Volatility With Our Knowledge & Experience:- We sold 50% of our assets in 2022. Six Passive Investors Became Millionaires After The Sale Of Our Six Assets. Two were from Houston, one from Austin, and three were from San Antonio. All of them chose to Achieve Investment Group as their primary operator and invested heavily. Almost all tried diversifying for the initial two years of their investment learning period. However, after two years they realized that it was better to invest with a few “alpha” operators rather than diversify. They were extraordinarily successful. It is possible to earn more than a million dollars in three to five years without working at all. Passive investing is an elegant strategy for creating wealth. A majority of them are W2 employees who invested an average of $100,000 in each deal. They also invested heavily in deep value-add deals, which Achieve was very good at. These were based on their own personal investment life cycle—a concept discussed in Chapter 2 of my best-selling book. They took the bet, and they won big.


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