Multifamily Tax Benefits – Insider secrets

Personal Tax savings is one of the primary reason many people like Multifamily as an Investment vehicle. We are bringing my Tax CPA to explain how Multifamily Investment impacts your personal income taxes. Learn what is a K1 form and how to read them correctly, Why Multifamily tax benefits beat Self Storage, Office, Retail, Warehouse asset classes. New 2018 Tax Laws benefits such as Bonus Depreciation, Cost Segregation etc.

Asset Protection Webinar

Are your Multifamily assets protected from lawsuits? Please join us for a free webinar on Real Estate Asset Protection. Achieve Investment Group has partnered with asset protection attorney, Scott Smith from Royal Legal Solutions to present a webinar on asset protection. Royal Legal Solution is one of the top asset protection company in the nation.

Achieve Investment Group Celebrate Purchase of 174 Unit Boston Woods Apartments in San Antonio, Predicting huge ROI in 3-5 Years

Real estate investment can often present opportunities for investors that are quite difficult to find in any other space.  Specialists in buying, improving and selling at a profit multifamily units Achieve Investment Group are quickly building a reputation as a company to watch.  Their latest deal, buying a 174 Unit building in San Antonio, Texas may…

Secrets of Hard Money Lenders

Secrets of Hard Money Lenders Obtaining a rehab loan from hard money lending as a temporary bridge loan is a favorite strategy among real estate investors who want to use leverage. Since the hard money lending industry is not highly regulated, there are many nuances in the programs offered by different hard money lenders. Of…