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The Journey of Istana at Wurzbach: A Landmark in the Making

At Achieve Investment Group, our latest project, Istana at Wurzbach, a 324-unit Class A multifamily property in North West San Antonio, marks a significant milestone in our real estate ventures. This development has been a testament to our dedication to quality and community growth.

The Beginning: From Raw Land to Notice to Proceed

Two years ago, Shanti and I set out to transform a piece of raw land into a vibrant living community. The initial stages involved putting the land under contract and obtaining necessary zoning, platting, and permits. After overcoming numerous challenges, we issued the Notice to Proceed (NTP) to our builder, marking the official start of construction.

Construction Phase: Progress and Milestones

Construction began with land clearing, revealing stunning views for future residents. The project has advanced rapidly, recently reaching a significant milestone with the first concrete pour at the clubhouse. This phase underscores the collective effort and dedication involved in bringing Istana at Wurzbach to life.

Design and Quality: Elevating the Istana Experience

One distinctive feature of Istana at Wurzbach is the incorporation of the letter “A” from Achieve into the roof design. Although this design choice added $100,000 to our costs, it is an integral part of our branding strategy. The site has undergone nearly 10 months of site and utility work, with road construction currently underway. We anticipate the start of vertical construction within the next month, with the first building and clubhouse expected to be completed by Q1 2024.

Commitment to Excellence: Quality Materials and Construction

Our commitment to quality is evident in our choice of materials and construction techniques. We opted for concrete driveways over asphalt, despite the higher cost, to ensure long-term durability. The clubhouse, being the first building to emerge, is designed to make a strong first impression and set the tone for the entire development.

Progress and Community Impact

Reflecting on our journey, we are grateful for the lessons learned and experiences gained from the Istana at Wurzbach project. As we move forward, our commitment to delivering exceptional real estate developments and contributing to our community’s growth remains unwavering.

Recent Progress: Interior and Safety Updates

As of the third week of April 2024, significant progress has been made on the interior works of Istana at Wurzbach:

  • Interior Utilities and Waterproofing: Implementation of crucial interior utilities and waterproofing measures is underway, ensuring the property’s longevity and durability.
  • Tub and Shower Installation: Tubs and shower pans are being installed in the units, reflecting our commitment to providing top-notch amenities.
  • Sprinkler System: The installation of sprinkler systems is complete in the clubhouse and the first building, enhancing safety and compliance with building regulations.
  • Waterproofing in Patios and Breezeways: Additional waterproofing efforts in outdoor areas are in progress, enhancing both aesthetic and functional appeal.

Our team is diligently working to expedite the final touches to achieve a timely Certificate of Occupancy and initiate leasing activities.

The Istana at Wurzbach project exemplifies our dedication to creating high-quality living spaces. We look forward to sharing more updates as the project progresses towards completion. For more information and to explore investment opportunities, visit Achieve Investment Group.

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