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Multifamily Tax Benefits – Insider secrets

Personal Tax savings is one of the primary reason many people like Multifamily as an Investment vehicle. We are bringing my Tax CPA to explain how Multifamily Investment impacts your personal income taxes. Learn what is a K1 form and how to read them correctly, Why Multifamily tax benefits beat Self Storage, Office, Retail, Warehouse asset classes. New 2018 Tax Laws benefits such as Bonus Depreciation, Cost Segregation etc.

Many Practicing Physicians Are Behind for Retirement

Many Practicing Physicians Are Behind for Retirement

The 2016 US Physicians’ Financial Preparedness report by the American Medical Association shows that nearly 40 percent of practicing physicians are behind on retirement. Investing passively in multifamily apartment real estate provides a great avenue to retire or be financially independent within five years or less. Who does not want that?

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Secrets of Hard Money Lenders

Secrets of Hard Money Lenders Obtaining a rehab loan from hard money lending as a temporary bridge loan is a favorite strategy among real estate investors who want to use leverage. Since the hard money lending industry is not highly regulated, there are many nuances in the programs offered by different hard money lenders. Of…

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An Awesome Way to Rapidly Build a Rental SFRs Portfolio

The below steps outline the process that we took over two years period to generate more than 400K of equity and $42,000 passive income and more than 50% Cash on Cash return. Here are the steps . 1) Look for Deals Like a Wholesaler The best way to get great deals is to look for…

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Why Do The Wealthy Invest in MultiFamily Real Estate ?

Have you ever wondered why wealthy people, like Grant Cardone, who earns millions of dollars providing Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs with an interactive sales training platform, hold $350 million in multifamily property throughout the United States? What does multifamily real estate investment provide the wealthy that other investment vehicles, such as stocks,…

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How to Capitalize Apartment Investing to Fund College Expenses

One of the biggest expenses for any parents is funding their children’s college education. The most well-known education fund is a 529 plan. What not many people know about is something called a Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA). The CESA fund is much like a Roth IRA fund, but it was established for education-related expenses…