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Passive Income : What It Is and Ideas for 2024

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Passive Income: What It Is and Ideas for 2024


  • Passive income is revenue from interest on savings, getting cash back or rewards on a credit card, renting out a space, and so on.


  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has specific rules for passive income, including “material participation,” that determine whether a taxpayer has been actively involved in an income-producing activity.


  • Portfolio and passive income are frequently confused, but essentially if you’re making returns on your investing in securities, including crypto, that’s portfolio income, not passive income.


  • Top financial advisor Marguertia Cheng says, “Some of the most reliable and consistent forms of passive income include income from dividends paying stocks, mutual funds or ETFs, interest income from CDs, and bond ladders.”


  • A taxpayer can claim a passive loss against income generated from passive activities.


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Passive Real Estate Investors Need To Know This Before Filing Their 2023 Taxes!

Essential Tax Planning Tips And Strategies Before April 15th With Nationally-recognized CPAs And Tax Strategists "Amanda Han" and "Matt Macfarland"

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