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Economic Forecast and Commercial Real Estate Outlook For 2021

Economic Forecast and Commercial Real Estate Outlook For 2021

Commercial Real Estate State of the Union in Post Election Era with Chief Economist K. C. Conway

  • ​How inflation will determine prices?
  • What’s up with Bitcoin and why it related to CRE?
  • What Jimmy Carter Presidency Era has to do with Now?
  • Where are Real Estate Prices going next?

and many more things.

Commercial Real Estate Economic Outlook amid COVID-19 Webinar

Learn from an expert who presented directly to Fed Chairman, Ben Bernake during the last economic crisis? He even presents to Fed nowadays.

Skip the CNN, FOXNEWS, and all other mainstream media to learn what’s really going on with the economy by KC Conway, CCIM Chief Economist.

We will hear about[/vc_column_text][dt_vc_list style=”2″ bullet_position=”middle”]

How bad is the economic damage due to COVID-19
Which asset class is impacted the most and the least?
How Multifamily is impacted due to COVID?
What Congress could do next

and many more things.


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