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Asset Protection Webinar

Are your Multifamily assets protected from lawsuits? Please join us for a free webinar on Real Estate Asset Protection. Achieve Investment Group has partnered with asset protection attorney, Scott Smith from Royal Legal Solutions to present a webinar on asset protection. Royal Legal Solution is one of the top asset protection company in the nation. We will cover the general topic of real estate asset protection with some focus Multifamily investing. We will answer some of the questions such as

  • Is it good to invest passively using a Trust or LLC or personal name?
  • Is my equity position protected if the sponsor gets into trouble?
  • How to protect the investments from the lenders (of course when markets turn bad…)
  • Do I need an S Corp or LLC to protect my investments?
  • I have insurance isn’t that enough? (The shortcoming of insurance…)

If you’re interested in being truly protected (or if you’re not quite sure whether your current protections are enough) then you’ll want to attend the free 1 hour Webinar meeting on where we will show us the most advanced Asset Protection systems used by Scott’s over 1000 clients. If you’re a real estate investor with 2+ properties, then you are an ideal candidate for this type of information.


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