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Achieve Investment Group Celebrate Purchase of 174 Unit Boston Woods Apartments in San Antonio, Predicting huge ROI in 3-5 Years

Real estate investment can often present opportunities for investors that are quite difficult to find in any other space.  Specialists in buying, improving and selling at a profit multifamily units Achieve Investment Group are quickly building a reputation as a company to watch.  Their latest deal, buying a 174 Unit building in San Antonio, Texas may be their most successful yet.

January 29, 2017

It takes a complete, skilled team to be able to identify properties that can be bought, improved and resold at an impressive Return on Investment.  Multifamily apartment investment firm Achieve Investment Group has quickly become a leader in this space, raising money from accredited and sophisticated investors, to purchase multifamily apartment buildings or complexes, improve them greatly and then sell them at a great profit.  In exciting news in this area, the company recently purchased the 174 Unit Boston Woods Apartments in San Antonio, Texas, where they predict after improvements and sale investors can expect significant Return on Investment in just three to five years.

“Achieve Investment Group enjoy the fun of finding great deals and turning them into valuable investments,”  commented a spokesperson from the company.  “Our strict underwriting criteria in selecting an investment deal to work has made us very successful in making great return on investment in terms of cash flow and appreciation. Acquisition of Boston Woods Apartments is a prime example of this.”

According to Achieve Investment Group, this is the second multifamily acquisition with huge potential the company has closed in the last two years.  The team keeps its hand on the pulse of the real estate world and has a keen eye for spotting very promising opportunities to share with their investors.

Investors have been quick to give Achieve Investment Group very positive feedback.

S.James., from Texas, recently said in a five star review, “Boston Woods Apartment was bought at market price but with great future potentials. With this type of acquisition, there are many great exit strategies for my investment thus bringing down my investment risk.”

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