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How to Add Value to Multifamily Properties

If you understand the value of investing in multifamily real estate- you are in a great position.

As a multifamily investor, there are many investment strategies you can pursue. Whether as a syndicator or passive investor, it is crucial to analyze all investment strategies to ensure it aligns with your risk tolerance and financial goals.

What is Value Add Real Estate?

Value-add investing is a real estate investment strategy that involves increasing the value of an asset through renovations, rebranding, or operational efficiencies. This can be achieved through hiring a capable management team to run the property. In multifamily real estate, value-add strategies are used by many investors to achieve solid returns.

Let’s understand this from the following case studies:

In the following video, James is at one of his properties in Austin, Texas where he bought a value-add deal. Initially, James started the property at 95% occupancy and just after 2 months the occupancy dropped to 65%, but after 6 to 7 months again it has 90% occupancy and is a positive cash-flowing deal right now.

You can buy core/yield deals if you don’t want to face dropping in occupancy, but you need to understand that while core/yield deals are less risky, they are also less rewarding.  Value-add deals, on the other hand, have a higher risk, higher value, and higher rewards. Take a look at the videos below for deeper insights:

value add turnaround

Watch the Video

 2-Part Multifamily Deep Value Add Turnaround Case Study

Multifamily Deep Value Add Turnaround Part 1

Watch the Video

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