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The King Of Exits Eddie Wilson Making Millions Outside The Stock Market

We’re excited to bring to you insights from our recent webinar on “How To Make Millions By Buying And Selling Businesses While Investing In Real Estate” with Eddie Wilson, a leading figure in real estate, tech, and business acquisitions, appropriately known as “The King of Exits”.

Eddie is an unstoppable leader with an impressive portfolio:
– Over 120 companies under his belt;
– More than 85 successful exits
– 6,000+ employees, and currently 4,000 real estate doors
– $1.36 billion in exits accomplished in just 10 months;
– A monumental $91.5 million in 2022 alone

During the webinar, Eddie touched upon crucial topics such as the difference between being an investor and a consumer, the importance of accumulating assets over cash, and strategies to leverage cash for acquisitions rather than mere savings. His perspective is unique, insightful, and definitely worth taking note of!

Eddie also discussed the current economic marketplace and shared his thoughts on Warren Buffett’s apprehension, as reported by The New York Times. He outlined three areas of financial concern and emphasized the importance of distinguishing between active and passive legacy and endowments.

A significant part of the webinar focused on key strategies for acquisitions, including equity without cash, seller notes, and taking advantage of SBA loans and banks. Eddie also shared his insights on three big questions every potential investor should ask regarding performance, intellectual property, and the operating system of a prospective business.

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One of the key topics Eddie discussed in the webinar was the concept of the “Empire Operating System”. This system, which Eddie has utilized to great success, allows for strategic acquisitions, efficient management of assets, and effective scaling of businesses. With this system, Eddie has been able to navigate the complex and often unpredictable economic marketplace, signifying its powerful potential for other investors as well.

To give a clearer picture, Eddie shared a real-life deal structure:
– Purchase Price: $390k
– Down Payment: $170k
– Financed Amount: $220k over 18 months
– Ownership: 65% personal, 10% to the new CEO, and 25% to big influencers
The results for 2022 so far have been impressive, with $1.2 million in revenue, 31,000 attendees in just two events, and a profit of $180k—all this with only three employees!

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